Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Max's Newborns

For a multitude of reasons we nearly didn't get any newborn pictures with Max... LAST MINUTE- seriously a few days before these were taken, we decided we had to do them no matter what... I knew i would regret it and that he would only have that newborn look one more week and it had to be captured professionally.  I am SOOOOO glad that Jordan convinced me.  

I love this little boy so dang much, and looking back at these pictures takes me back to those first few weeks with him.  I love pictures because they evoke memories and feelings that would be difficult to recall and feel without them.


  1. These photos are so sweet!!! :)

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  3. These are absolutely perfect! It makes me so excited for my little guy to get here. I'm due in about 3 weeks. :)