Thursday, March 23, 2017

I woke up Wednesday and the chill from a cold front seemed to be lingering.  I opened up the doors to our front porch and turned on Pandora trying to wake my tired body and limbs up... get myself going.  

We did our normal breakfast routine and then headed to our porch to water our tiny sprouts.  I have been feeling lately that Myra needs more time outdoors and learning through normal, daily hands on chores... So we planted some left over seeds that had been gifts for those who came to the kids birthday party.  She squealed and laughed as she stuck her hands in the soil and pushed the seeds deep into the surface.  I knew right then that this whole planting thing was a wonderful idea.

Then came the sprouts just a few short days later... when she saw the beautiful green leaves popping up over the surface of the rich brown soil, her eyes widened and looked at me while jumping up and down exclaiming, "IM SO EXCITED" (a popular phrase for Myra).  

Her excitement for these little plants has really helped turn my thumb from brown to green, and those little sprouts keep growing and reaching for the sunlight.  

After watering our plants that chilly morning we decided to plant even more seeds.

As soon as the sun warmed the air, we all got dressed and headed to the nursery.  

Like Myra, I am very excited to watch these grow and see them turn into flowers, carrots and basil!  Maybe someday when we have a house the two of us can't plant a large garden together complete with strawberries, cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes and more!  

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A collection of rocks

Myra likes to collect things... Sticks, little pieces of play doh, flower pedals... you name it.  Well yesterday I went to take a picture of her looking adorable on her dresser playing and she suddenly dumped out a pile of rocks.  I don't know where they came from or when she collected them but I found it adorable.  I just love how the smallest, simplest things bring so much joy to children.  

Monday, March 20, 2017


Early Saturday morning we packed up the car and headed to Clermont to pick some berries.  As we drove out of the city and started to drive past big open fields I felt a calm and peaceful feeling deep in my heart.  I mentioned to Jordan how sad it is that humans make the earth so much uglier than it is naturally... That we can't even come close to competing with God. 

These big open fields full of trees and wildflowers blowing in the wind literally took my breath away.  I have always thought of that expression as merely just a figure of speech.  A way to describe something as very beautiful... but I literally felt my breath escape me for a moment.  Perhaps it was not just the view, but also spending time with my family all together too that made me feel so much gratitude to God.  For He not only created the beautiful earth but He created each of us individually and joined us together as a family.  There is nothing I would rather do and nobody I would rather be with.  I want to explore this world and see everything that He created from small blueberry patches in Florida to the mountains of Switzerland (although the later may take a bit longer to save up for;)) and I want to do it with these people by my side.  I am a defender of motherhood.  I am a defender of the family. And the older I get, the more I become a defender of our environment. 


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Green Tea Party

I had such a fun St Patricks day with my sweet girl!  After LOOOOOTTTTS of green food all day long, I decided to end our day with a green tea party...

Ms. Mary Contrary (my name when we have tea parties together) came and turned the tea (milk) green and they shared the most delicious cookies together.  The two talked about many important things... like the trees outside and what flowers to plant soon.  But then.... Miss Myra Grace began to pour her own tea and as it began to reach the tip top of the cup Ms. Contrary advised her to stop pouring, but on she poured until it spilled over the brim.  Ms. Contrary told me she has been working hard on her patience skills lately, so instead of fussing over it she decided to laugh and take pictures of the memory.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Mr. Duck

Every Thursday we meet up with some friends at a near by park to let the kids play and the parents chat.  Well, this park has a very special friend I like to call Mr. Duck.  Its easily the most beautiful duck I have ever seen- pure white all over... the strange thing about this duck is that it loves to be chased around and hit by children.  

Every Thursday with out fail, this duck waddles up from the pond to the playground just begging for those children to chase it.  At first I protested this behavior and told Myra, "Do not chase that duck around, let it be.... its not kind."  but then I realized, if it really didn't like it wouldn't it just waddle right back down to the pond?  

So now every Thursday we go Duck chasing rather than playground playing... 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Birthday Girl

Today we celebrated three years with this cute girl....

She woke up and opened her first present.. which was this twirly dress.. She has been obsessed with dresses that twirl lately so I knew she would love it.  I wanted most of the presents to wait till night time but let her open one more, which was this doll, Claire.  I found her on latter day home about a year ago but it was way out of my budget so I nabbed her super quickly when I found her on a major sale a few months ago and saved her in my closet for the big day.  Myra is in loooooove with her! She even joined us at church :). 

After church and naps we went on our weekly Sunday walk around the pond then back home for dinner, more presents and cake (which was actually brownies because none of us love cake haha). I am so grateful for this girl. 

Before I even had babies I wrote them letters so I like to continue doing it from time to time... I think Ill start making birthday letters on here a tradition... here it goes.  

Myra Grace, 

Today I woke up to your usual morning yell, "MOMMY, I'M AWAKE!!!"  And while I was exhausted, I excitedly hoped out of bed and ran into your room bursting with a thrill to celebrate YOU!  I swooped you up from your bed and carried you out to the living room where you smiled and ran around kicking the pink balloons that covered the floor.  I held you close to my face and whispered "I love you baby girl, Happy Birthday!" and you squealed and squealed.

You are gold in my eyes.  You push me and challenge me and motivate me to dig down deep and pull out all the patience I can muster up daily and I love you for that.  And while you are strong willed and speak your mind, you are also sweet as peach pie.  You nuzzle into me multiple times a day professing your love for me and always ending with an "I love you MOST!" 

You make me laugh out loud daily and seeing you grow and blossom each day makes me feel like the luckiest mom in the world.  Heavenly Father gave me YOU three years ago TODAY, and for that I am eternally grateful.  I love you bugsy.  Happy third birthday.  Here are a few things you have said over the past few weeks that have made me smile and laugh:

Myra: "Mom!  I have a good Idea"
Me: "What?"
Myra: "Christmas time!!!!"

Myra: "Mommy, look!  My tummy is beepin'" (talking about her heartbeat)

Jordan: "Myra, what do daddies do?"
Myra: "Fix people"
Jordan:"What do mommies do?"
Myra: "Take pictures"

Myra: Daddy, where you goin'?"
Jordan: "To fix people"
Myra: "They sick?  They eat too much sugar?"

Myra: "Mommy, I don't like your black hairs. I don't want you.  Lets make a new mommy.
(and then she laughed and laughed) "Just kiddin'" (hugged me tight and said, "I give you tight huggle wuggles!"