Friday, March 25, 2016

Bits & Pieces

1. In loooooove with the color "yoyo" and is always asking for her "yoyo" shoes!
2. Knows all of her alphabet... thanks to our ABC game which she always asks to play, and our Dr. Seuss flash cards.  Whenever she see's letters on something (even billboards) she tells us what they are.
3. Loves her ladybug "booths".
4. Decided to slurp up some water off the floor at Chick-fil-a this week and caught a tummy bug :(.
5. Always giving brother hugs and kisses.

1. Only wants to sleep with mom holding him.
2. Keeps peeing through the front of his diapers while laying on his tummy.
3. Has started to smile occasionally and it makes my heart burst.
4. Chunkier than ever- LOVES to eat!
5. Completely outgrown his newborn clothes.


  1. These 2 are both so adorable! I can just see Myra slurping water up off the floor at Chik-fil-a! Nothing like a little public humility for mommy :) Love you all so much. Have a joyous Easter!!!

  2. You have the most beautiful kids. I love reading your blog. :)

    1. you are so sweet! your comments make my day :)