Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Monday Squares

Today was so wonderful!!!  Once Myra was down for her morning nap I cozied into my bed and read some Anne of Green Gables.  It is one of my very favorite books and makes me feel warm fuzzies inside whenever I read it and with the recent passing of Gilbert I HAD to read it again!  Lucy M. Montgomery is an absolute GENIUS at writing...absolutely an artist through-and-through.  The way she combines words is truly a work of art and takes me away to a beautiful place.

We then headed over to Magic Kingdom with my friend and her little boy between naps.  We snuck in some rides (Peter Pan (my personal fav), and Little Mermaid).  We then headed over to the Beauty and the Beast area and bought some Lafou's brew (frozen apple slush with marshmallow creme and passionfruit)  it is so yum... but as soon as we walked outside it started POURING.  So we ran to the monorail and our cars splashing through puddles.

When I got home I had some much anticipated packages waiting for me! :)  This beautiful kitchen weight among them!  Cath Kidston was having a crazy amazing sale the other day and when I saw this on sale I about died.  It looks perfect under our red retro clock and house picture!

PS.  that candle next to it smells JUST LIKE volcano from anthropology, but twenty bucks cheaper.  It is from target called "Island Moonlight".  You're welcome! :)

Some of these pics I posted right to Instagram.  Im falling in love with that little community.  What are your Instagram names?  I'de love to add you!  Mine is HaileyMabey.



  1. I have never smelled any candles from Anthro...I am secretly thinking it is blessing in disguise. But- if you say there is one just as good at Target- then I may be sold!
    My Insta name is _celesteyoung_ :)

    1. hahaha- yes, a blessing in disguise! This one from target is awesome... Smells the same but the more I've used it I have realized that it is not quite as strong.

  2. First of all, LOVE LOVE LOVE that kitchen scale!!! What a catch + second, I totes have an anthro candle burning right now, I need to check out target to keep my candle obsession in check ;) I'm so glad I found your cute blog! My insta is @camillahancock

    1. hahaha... not quite as awesome as those anthro ones, but they are awesome! And you are so sweet! thanks for reading. :)