Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day Shenanigans

Today I went with Myra and bought some flowers to plant for Earth day... Since we don't actually own our own yard we had to go with planting something in pots, so thats what we did! :)

It is so fun to see her explore, see, touch, feel, and taste new things.  She loved running up and down the isles at the nursery and giggled while touching the flowers.  It made me see everything through her eyes- beautiful.

Then, while planting should stuck a handful of soil into her mouth.  She shuddered and pulled a "YUCK" face as she spit it out.  She is learning and discovering on her own that that is just gross!

I hope you all had a wonderful Earth day!  I am so grateful for this beautiful planet.  I set the goal to be even better at recycling and to pick up any garbage I see on the ground outside while walking around.  Christ created such a beautiful place and I want so desperately to be somebody that keeps it nice and doesn't demolish it!


  1. Your photos are looking so gorgeous! I mean, they always were, but I can see how they're becoming even more crisp and polished. I wish Lincoln would learn that dirt is disgusting...he eats it by the handful! And your plants are lovely. I hope you'll give us a photo tour of your apartment soon so I can learn more from you.

    1. oh you are so sweet!!! :) and thank you for noticing. xoxo

  2. Are you growing all of those in your screen porch? LOVE the sunflower! Amazing photos. I am blessed.