Friday, November 28, 2014

He is the Gift

This week has been so wonderful as my little family has welcomed the spirit of Christmas into our home.  We have begun and continued many traditions with Myra and it has brought so much joy to my life.

We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday with our friends here in Florida and I spent a large majority of the day thinking about all that I am grateful for.  I have a tradition where I have everyone go around the table and say one thing that they are thankful for with the exception of the gospel (because that is what everyone would say if we didn't make it an exception).  I love to watch everyone as they stir through thoughts in their heads thinking of all that is great in their lives.

I said that I was grateful for people with creative minds.  Creative minds are what have made this world so wonderful and full of beauty.  Creative minds came up with Disney, beautiful art, medicine, sooooo so much more, but also the celebration of Christmas.

Celebrating Christmas is such a big part of my life, not just because of the magic and fun but ESPECIALLY for the constant reminders of the FIRST gift any of us were given.  Christ.  And that is the main reason why I love to go all out in celebrating this holiday!

I hope that as we kick off this holiday season we can all remember the most important gift of all and show our gratitude of His life by being a little more Christ-like this season.

What a wonderful world we live in.  Full of celebrations and love.


  1. what a lovely reminder of why we celebrate christmas! it's such a special time of year!!

  2. This is an awesome reminder! I love it!

  3. This is a totally unrelated comment, but HOW do you get so many fabulous photos of you with sweet Myra? Do you recruit Jordan to take them? Does he have a good eye for photography? I seriously wish I had more pictures of me with my boys, but a) I'm still a bit camera-shy and b) I don't know who would take them. Tell me your secrets!! :)

    1. haha you are so sweet!! Really no secrets at all. YES, i have jord take them if i am in the pic. Thank goodness he puts up with all my craziness and constant "will you take another pic?" questions... Ill send you a message on Facebook to let you know what started working for me so we can talk back and forth!