Monday, August 16, 2010

eat. pray. love.

Lets discuss this story.
Now, don't get me wrong... There are parts in the story that are very inspirational and the film was absolutely beautiful, i mean who could not want to go to Bali after seeing that?
But, the beginning of the story disturbs me, like to the point where I think about it a lot and kinda want to punch a wall or something. The book makes it seem a bit more rash. when she decides to leave her husband, her being super depressed and all, but still, it doesn't justify it at all!!!
Everywhere I go lately people are talking about Eat Pray Love...and most all the ladies that are married talk about how inspirational it was and how they feel the same way about their marriages and would love to just leave their husbands and go travel. Seriously???
Human beings do not take marriage serious these days. Nobody is making you get married, its your decision in the first place, and when you make that serious decision you better darned well be set on being with that person for forever. GO FIND YOURSELF BEFORE YOU GET MARRIED!!! It is so important.

So, she leaves her husband because she is miserable, right? But doesn't she seem super depressed and lonely until she finds love again at the end of the story in Bali..? Well, it shows the beginning of her relationship with the suave guy in Bali... Just about every relationship is bliss for a certain amount of time. But then you discover their faults, and things get harder...but that is when you truly make the CHOICE to love them still. Marriage is compromise, trust, and unselfish love. The women (liz), is never going to become happy unless she simply chooses to be by those three things.

One thing I did love from the film was to spend about 20 minutes a day either meditating, praying, scripture reading etc. and, live your life to the fullest. Those two things make the biggest difference in life... but you don't have to divorce your spouse to live your life to the fullest. Live life with them, and if for some reason you decided to marry someone who doesn't want to travel like you and your marriage depends on you traveling, then go travel with out them. If they are not willing to compromise and go travel with you sometimes then it is their own problem and it shouldn't hold you back. But divorce never makes things easier or better for anyone. (A year ago I would have said that nobody should EVER get divorced until we experience heart break in our family with someone being unfaithful. I finally was able to see first hand that some people are better off.) It is just her reasoning for leaving him that bothers me I guess...

Am I just a young girl in love and completely bias?
If anyone has insight I would love to hear it.


  1. I'm pretty much with you on this. I was REALLY lucky to work in a beauty salon when I was first married. Many of the ladies that I worked on were divorced and remarried. Of those that had blended families, about 90% of them said that if they had it to do over again they would make it work with the 1st husband -that divorcing and remarrying and mixing families just compounded their problems.

    I do know a handful of people that ended up better off on a second marriage, but that is the exception. I wouldn't discard a spouse any more readily than I would discard one of my children. And besides, for every fault I may find in my spouse, I'm confident I have 10 to match his 1.

  2. Hi Hailey-

    I was looking through my friend's computer, and her blogspot was on. I scammed through all these blogspots, but I ran into yours. This subject that you speak about is quite touchy for me. This summer my mother left us and is now divorcing my father. They had been together for almost 20 years, but somehow things changed. I kind of hate this movie, because it sort of sides with my mother's motive for divorcing-- she claims she felt "locked" or "shut out from the world" when married. I personally think she could arrange that herself. But I guess it goes a lot more deeper than that. Like how she says she does not love my father anymore...? I don't know. I thought my parents were inseperable, but now this happens! However,this does not shaken my faith and hope for a happy marriage with an eternal partner. I truly believe whole-heartedly that I can, and will, be taken to the Temple someday with a young man, and make a family that will last forever.
    Whatever the world may claim is a good excuse for divorcing, I know there is a forgiving Judge who is merciful, and understands every situation.
    I too think divorce can be unnecessary maybe 70% of the time it happens.
    I hope this helps you understand my perpective. :)

  3. I haven`t yet seen the movie, but I`m planning to see it very soon. If I understood you correctly, this woman left her husband, cause she felt miserable and wanted to travel? And in the end, she met someone else, who she fell in love with?
    Umm. If that`s the case, I think that the only thing I can say, is that I agree with you. If you want to travel, but your husband/boyfriend/lover/partner/smth doesn`t, go on THE TRIP without him, but don`t go on and leave him! It makes no sense. If she felt miserable, she could`ve talked to him or go on a couple consultation or smth, they could`ve worked things out. I know that in real life things aren`t just black and white and you can`t always work everything out, but I believe that you have to try your hardest to make a relationship work, because, well, there is a reason why you married the person in the first place, isn`t there? :)
    I know how it feels to loose somebody close to you too well to just simply let them go, cause I know how much it hurts afterwards. So I guess that that`s the reason why I personally want to make things work in a relationship - it feels better to work out the problems, not to simply call it quits.

  4. I totally agree with you. I was very excited to see the movie (I have never read the book) but was disappointed as well in the portrayal of marriage. The part in the movie where he says "You are giving up." "Why didn't you let me know you were feeling this way before so we could work on it?"
    I almost stood up in the theater and said "YES, LISTEN TO HIM CRAZY LADY!"
    People these days just get married on a whim... they think about what they want in the moment, not for their future.
    People just don't take marriage seriously these days at all which is so heartbreaking... it is no wonder the divorce rates are so high and keep on going up. People just don't care to try, or take it seriously.