Sunday, March 19, 2017

Green Tea Party

I had such a fun St Patricks day with my sweet girl!  After LOOOOOTTTTS of green food all day long, I decided to end our day with a green tea party...

Ms. Mary Contrary (my name when we have tea parties together) came and turned the tea (milk) green and they shared the most delicious cookies together.  The two talked about many important things... like the trees outside and what flowers to plant soon.  But then.... Miss Myra Grace began to pour her own tea and as it began to reach the tip top of the cup Ms. Contrary advised her to stop pouring, but on she poured until it spilled over the brim.  Ms. Contrary told me she has been working hard on her patience skills lately, so instead of fussing over it she decided to laugh and take pictures of the memory.

1 comment:

  1. These are the most adorable photos EVER! I absolutely LOVE the look of determination on Myra's face. So CUTE!!! Love you all so much.