Wednesday, November 2, 2016

meet millie

 Tuesday was a day of sugar hang-overs and then covering up the sugar hang-overs with sugar highs. We were all grouchy, Myra wouldn't nap and I noticed myself on my knees praying for help more times than I can count through-out the day.  I needed help to breath in and out, to be calm and present.  To get on the floor and laugh and play with my kids.  This normally comes easily for me, but every move I made felt like I was moving through a pool of taffy.  I even gave myself a time-out in bed so that I could breath deep breaths and tell myself positive affirmations.  I closed my door, got in bed and drew the covers over my head as the tears began to pool on my pillow.  "Why am I feeling like this?" I prayed.  "Give me strength, give me sunshine, give me patience...please"  I pleaded.

And within seconds Myra opened my door and walked to my bedside.  Her soft hands grabbed mine as she looked at me concerned and said, "What's matter mommy? Mommy having a tough time?" I gazed at the little dimples on her hands then up at her face as I forced a smile.  "Its ok mommy. I'm here.  You be ok!"  She exclaimed.  And then she threw her hands up along with her eyebrows and said with a cheery voice, "There's no monsters!" And I erupted with laughter.  Threw my covers off, swung my feet over and got out of bed.

It was most definitely (SHE WAS MOST DEFINITELY) a prayer answered.  But I knew that something had to change...the sugar HAD to go, for both of us... Too much sugar makes me skeeeeewampus.  So I packed up the kids and took Myra to pick out a toy to trade for the Halloween candy.

She immediately was drawn to this little doll and was completely enamored with her.
She named her Millie and now Millie goes where Myra goes.  It melts my heart.

Today was infinitely better... All of us were better. I had a healthy shake for breakfast instead of Halloween candy... Myra had a plate full of eggies and one piece of candy that she somehow was able to find and we all had a normal, happy day.  I took Myra out front for awhile during one of Max's naps and she ran to the bushes, plopped herself down with Millie and said, "Take picture mommy!"  So of course I obliged.  

Today I didn't cry or need time outs for myself.  I gazed into each of my kids eyes and felt grateful for them.  I kissed their chubby cheeks and tickled their sides until they erupted with gut chuckles.  Today was a good day.  And I know it was not just because of the candy...but because prayers were heard and answered.  


  1. This is darling! I love the light you bring and your reminder to pray when you're having a tough day. I think we all have days like this, and this post was just so beautiful! I love reading your blog because you aren't afraid to share your faith. xo!

  2. Millie is ADORABLE! Millie was the name of my first childhood dog! Haha! My family had gone to see the movie Thoroughly Modern Millie at the drive-in, and as a result, we wanted to name our cocker spaniel Millie :) She was white with brown spots. We had her for several years but eventually she started killing the chickens on our farm and had to be put down the way naughty farm dogs did back in those days. Sniff-sniff.

    Love you and love your family and the darling photos!

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