Monday, October 3, 2016

Miss Cinderella...

This past week has been a blast.  Jordan's parents have been in town so we have been going to the parks and playing.  Our favorite "Food and Wine Festival" is going on at Epcot right now so we went over for a few hours one day and even got to go with a cute miniature Cinderella!  

Most days are a battle to get her to put clothes on... While most children her age have specific things they want to wear and can pick out what to wear, this little girl just wants to be naked.  All day, everyday.... BUT I can get her to put on her Cinderella dress without a fight usually, so the really tough days I get to have Cinderella with me.  The best thing about it?  She behaves VERY well when she wears it because she knows Cinderella is pretty because she is KIND and has COURAGE!!!!  

Growing up my mom would always tell me people were pretty because they were nice....I am trying so hard to teach her that.  A good personality can do wonders for someone so I am very grateful that Cinderella is her favorite princess and the one she looks up to...because some of those princesses are a bit.....dare I say, bratty?  

It's interesting raising a little one... while trying to teach and guide them a certain direction you start to really realize how much work you need to do yourself.  We expect and teach our kids to be a certain way but we ourselves aren't behaving the way we desperately want them to.... This is something I am trying very hard lately to change.  To practice what I preach. 

I love you my sweet little Cinderella...

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