Sunday, April 11, 2010


Everyone has their own ways of dealing with life and the hard things that blindside us on a regular basis. It may not be healthiest way to deal with pain and stress, but I enjoy escaping. I find ways to escape into another world through beautifully written stories, and I forget that my heart is acheing.
Someday I want a library full of books ranging from novels, biographies, and how to books.
I am grateful for great writers who have provided me with cheap therapy.
Reading is SO GOOD for the soul!

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  1. Oh my goodness yes!!! Hailey! Oh how I completely AGREE!!! READING sets my soul Free to fight pirates, dance with princes, and save the world, ahhh the possiblities are endless! Lovely post! :D

  2. Sometimes we all need to escape and have that alone time. Reading is that one way to be completely alone in your head with your thoughts. totally agree. I always loved disappearing somewhere with a book and a blanket.

  3. i want a library when i grow up too! in a little patio sunroom. It's could be my favorite hiding place

  4. I think that is a completely healthy and great way to deal with stress and/or an aching heart! Can't wait for this summer when I can actually pick up a novel without feeling guilty that its not a textbook! Love you!