Thursday, February 18, 2010


Early this morning my parents woke me up to say goodbye to my doggie, Bilbo (or bubby as we called him). As I held his limp body in my arms, I knew without a doubt that his spirit was with our Heavenly Father and that he was no longer suffering in an old body. Bubby entered into our family when I was only 4 years old, and he has been my most loyal and loving friend since. Anytime he heard someone crying, he would run to their side and literally cry as well. From the window in my house I watched my Dad bury him in our backyard. I can't help but cry every time i think about him, but I am grateful to have had such a loving spirit in our home. He will be missed, and I cant wait to see him again!


  1. Your mom called me today crying. I was so sad for you and your family. It will be a hard day when Oreo has to leave our family. Pets are always there for us. Love ya.

  2. The hole in my heart may never mend. Although he was old and suffering, he has been by my side since the summer of 1994 (you were actually 3). I grew up with dogs, but I have never been attached to one the way I am attached to Bubby.

    I am happy for him that he no longer suffers, but I miss him so so much, and I love you Hailey for your tenderness and love and understanding. You are a radiant gem in my often dreary world.

    We need a movie night to watch 'All Dogs Go To Heaven'